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Non-Ideal Conceptual Engineering: Which Framework is Best Suited to Social Justice Theorising? (Full Draft)

  • Accounts of conceptual engineering that focus on functions do best against axes of feasibility. 

Talking Real and True: Requirements on Race and Gender Classification (Full Draft)

  • We are under no requirements to either track social kinds or the meaning of social kind terms with our classificatory practices. 

Conceptual Reproduction and Conceptual Engineering (Full Draft)

  • An understanding of conceptual reproduction is important for understanding the limits of conceptual engineering.

Why is Implementing a Concept So Hard? The Functional Effects View (Full Draft) 

  • We need to change the conceptual practices responsible for structuring our lives. 

Accommodating Bad Concepts (Full Draft)

  • The accommodation of oppressive concepts can establish unjust conversational relationships.


The Ethics of Sexual Attraction (Full Draft)

  • The standards by which we assess sexual attractiveness are morally wrong, and thus we have a prima facie obligation (individual and collective) to cultivate new standards.

What is Mixed Race Identity? (In Progress)

What is a Safe Space? (In Progress)


A Non-Essential Functionalist Account of Conceptual Engineering (In Progress)

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